Time Is Money. Do You Have A Plan For It?

While large corporate training companies deliver to template modules, we understand that teams and businesses are uniquely their own and succeed only through a comprehensive and customized approach.  At Chain Ring Business Services, we offer a full spectrum of training activities that support vital areas to help businesses achieve their profit and growth objectives. We focus on the necessary analysis to accurately identify an organization’s needs and build efficient plans that drive measurable solutions.

Here are some areas where we can help:


Effective sales prospecting and profitable use of sales time


Tactics and strategies tailored to personalities


Programs that are custom built for each organization


Improve data and metrics to accurately report ROI

Paul possesses many skills and talents. In a CRM role, he is able to quickly foster positive relationships with all of those he associates within a business. He is also a seasoned presenter and is able to convey information in a creative and effective manner.

PB, Orange County, CA

Let’s schedule a discussion for a closer evaluation into areas where your teams are seeking to improve.