Who We Are

Chain Ring Business Services is a professional boutique firm assisting clients who seek sales development training through a personal, hands-on approach. We work closely with teams to build strategic plans that identify and operationalize proven tactics to boost profits and meet an organization’s or individual’s growth objectives.

Meet Your Greatest Champion

Founder and Chief Operator Paul Pabian offers business leaders and sales teams with over 25 years of focused training experiences throughout Southern California’s growing markets. As a cycling enthusiast, Pabian applies the same methodologies used to sustain long-distance training into each of his development plans. He strides to the belief that successful, timely outcomes are achieved when teams incorporate awareness and customer knowledge into the fundamental mechanics of activities that can move organizations upwards and forward versus stalled or stagnant.

Before founding Chain Ring Business Services, Pabian owned and operated a local office of a national staffing franchise, headquartered in Orange County. Through rigorous tactics and experiential efforts, Pabian drove earnings from 0 to over 5 million dollars in sales in less than 3 years. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Pabian was Vice President of Franchise for Todays Temporary, a national employment agency.  He also worked as the Director of Training and Development for several national organizations that were sales and service driven.

Visit LinkedIn for more about Paul Pabian’s background and expertise: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ppabian/



Paul was not only very knowledgeable and helpful but also created an energetic work environment. Thanks, Paul for pointing me in the right direction and helping get my career started. You were the best!

KR Dallas, TX

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