Profits don’t happen by accident.  They come from good quality sales to good quality customers who return to do business again and again.

Chain Ring Business Services helps organizations improve bottom line results by improving cash flow and developing customer loyalty and the image a customer sees in social media and word of mouth endorsements..

Cash Flow Improvement

An old adage is,”the sale isn’t made until the bill is paid.”

Max Collect helps organizations improve receivables and maintain good customer relationships.

Customer Loyalty

Statistics show that it costs 10 times more to find a new customer than to keep existing customers.

“Cutting defections in half can double the firm’s growth rate and reducing defections by just 5% increased overall profits by 30%.” – Fred Reicheld, HBR

Sales Development

Sales staff sometimes invest good time on accounts that do not add to bottom line results.

Since time = money having sales staff involved in profitable action can have a dramatic impact on bottom line results.