Looking to Rev Up Your Company’s Performance?

A Personal Sales Trainer Can Maximize Your Organization’s Greatest Asset.

Profits don’t happen by accident.

They are intentional results from qualified activities, focused strategy, and customer-driven knowledge, delivered by momentum teams and business leaders. At Chain Ring Business Services, we help organizations eliminate the guesswork of deciphering over effective strategies that can quickly and efficiently allocate time and resources toward tactics that achieve bottom-line objectives.

We do this through a customized approach that encompasses the following results-driven principles:


Accountability and Motivation

Tracking metrics that show effective sales efforts and structure motivational rewards

Correct and Adjust

In depth look at strategies and tactics with recommendations to enhance results

Push Beyond Comfortable

Expand sales comfort zones through easily embraced practices

Goal-Achieving Results

Set and achieve meaningful results with an accountability-partner relationship

Measurable Return

Enriched ROI on sales results that enhance bottom line profits

Paul is a master motivator, expert teacher and great coach. I highly recommend him for your next venture, business consultant or administrator.

TH, San Juan Capistrano, CA

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